Country code top level domains (ccTLDs) can offer a number of advantages to nations, both domestically and internationally, it has been suggested.

Writing for The Nation, Adline Atili claimed that nationalized domain name suffixes can help boost gross domestic product (GDP), drive broadband growth and stimulate economic development.

She said that with commercial activities on the internet on the rise, domain names such as .ng, .uk, .za, .gh have become “part of the standard communications and marketing tools used by businesses to identify themselves, products and activities”.

Besides improving the presence of businesses on the web, domain names have the potential to boost the economy as well as ensure rapid uptake of broadband, Ms. Atili claimed.

Speaking to the news provider Femi Akinyemi, managing partner of TransitIT, noted that there are now millions of websites around the world.

“You can imagine how difficult it would be for the internet user to find a site without an appropriate name or information,” he stated.

“But a domain name makes it all very easy. Basically each website has a unique IP address which is very difficult to remember; therefore it is replaced by a domain name to easily remember and find by people.”

Mr. Akinyemi commented that local domain names – particularly in the field of ecommerce – give consumers the confidence they need to buy goods and services over the internet

If they consider a site to be local – based upon its ccTLD – they know it will be governed under the same laws as the buyer.

“This makes it easier to follow up on sales and make complaints if any problems occur during the purchase of the product,” Mr. Akinyemi added.

“It also helps to settle any nerves if the buyer is able to see a street address that they recognize, rather than a foreign address.”

Use of ccTLDs can help boost domestic and international trade
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