Organizations whose websites host user-generated content could be at an increased risk of domain name seizure, it has been reported.

According to CIO, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has seized 110 websites for alleged copyright infringement in the past year, in many cases because of the activities of Web visitors.

The news provider explained that websites have largely been shut down for facilitating online media piracy, but others have been closed for enabling the sale of counterfeit products and for hosting child pornography.

As a result, domain name registrants need to be extra vigilant when moderating content posted by website visitors.

ICE director John Morton has frequently defended the domain name seizure process, despite criticism from the open rights lobby.

Mr. Morton recently told TorrentFreak that ICE will continue to assume control of domain names which are suspected of engaging in copyright infringement.

He said there is evidence that the ongoing operation has “a deterrent effect.”

User-generated content ‘increases domain name seizure risk’

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