A British man has been forced to give up a domain name after a court ruled he had registered the web address in bad faith.

Raj Singh registered the domain name veoliaskips.co.uk, and then attempted to sell it on to Cambridge-based Veolia Environment UK Ltd.

A tribunal ruled that he had registered the domain name with the express intent of profiting from the domain name sale, and consequently, was cybersquatting.

According to Peterborough Today, Mr. Singh said that Veolia Environment – as a company with a £1.3 billion turnover – could be expected to pay a “fair and reasonable” price for the domain name.

But the tribunal decided that an abusive registration had taken place.

As such, Mr. Singh was ordered to hand over the veoliaskips.co.uk domain name to Veolia Environment for free.

Last month, The Hill reported that a number of cybersquatters are attempting to cash in on next autumn’s presidential election by registering domain names relating to the main primary candidates.

Veolia domain name ‘was registered in bad faith’

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