When individuals set up their own personal websites, they should aim to keep things as simple as possible, it has been suggested.

According to USA Today’s Rob Pegoraro, the process should be more straightforward that when moving a small business online.

He explained that when registering domain names, people have a variety of options – some which are expensive, and some which are relatively affordable.

Mr. Pegoraro noted that many of the services on offer through hosting companies are likely to have little relevance to individuals setting up their own sites.

“Many of these add-on service tend to be aimed at small businesses; you can easily wind up paying more than you want for more than you need,” he suggested.

“Your simplest and most affordable route will be to sign up at a beginner-focused blogging site that either lets you register a domain with them or charges as little as possible to use an existing domain name instead.”

And if the website is a success, or there is a demand for greater functionality further along the line, individuals may wish to consider a wider range of hosting options and domain name add-ons.

Web beginners ‘should keep things simple’
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