Is your brand threatened by online counterfeiters and gray market suppliers? If so, you’re not alone. In 2009, the estimated value of cross-border counterfeit and pirated goods was $250 billion. The 2015 value is projected to be a whopping $1.77 trillion. Brand deterioration, price erosion, product diversion, and licensing fraud are just a few of the risks brand owners face from this boom in fake goods. Fight back with an effective brand protection plan! Watch a replay of our recent webinar with OpSec Security and learn:

  • How to reduce your online risks for illegal, fraudulent, low-quality, and low-price listings.
  • How to customize your brand’s marketplace monitoring and enforcement program to fit your budget, global exposure, and legal resources.
  • How CSC’s partnership with OpSec Security can save your company money and reduce your brand exposure.

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Counterfeiters in Today’s Digital Marketplace – How to detect and stop online counterfeiting (Recording)