A summary of upcoming TLD launches is included below. For more detailed information, please visit The Brand Circle or contact a New gTLD specialist.

Launches within 30 days

Extension Start Date Order Entry Deadline First-come First-served (FCFS) Registry
 Sunrise Phase
 25-Apr-2016  23-Jun-2016  No  Famous Four Media
 .shop  30-Jun-2016  25-Aug-2016  No  GMO Registry
 .games  12-Jul-2016  8-Sep-2016  No  Rightside
 .moi  1-Jun-2016  13-Jul-2016  Yes  Amazon Registry Services, Inc. (ARSI)
 Limited Registration Phase

 (Korean dot-com)

 20-Jun-2016  11-Aug-2016  Yes  Verisign, INc.

 (Korean dot-net)

 20-Jun-2016  11-Aug-2016  Yes  Verisign, Inc.
 .autos  26-May-2016  30-Jun-2016  Yes  Dominion Enterprises
 General Availability
 .gmbh  22-Jun-2016  N/A  Yes  Donuts (Block Available)
 22-Jun-2016  N/A  Yes  Donuts (Block Available)
 .stream  29-Jun-2016  N/A  Yes  Famous Four Media
 .autos  4-Jul-2016  N/A  Yes  Dominion Enterprises
 .tube  7-Jul-2016  N/A  Yes  Latin America Telecom


Weekly Launch Guide June 20, 2016