Each month, the typical brand loses 30,000 visitors to trademark bidders. That’s a lot of missed opportunity. CSC’s new Paid Search Monitoring service helps you find the ads that are costing you valuable business.

PaidSearch_blogPopularity presents unique challenges. When customers search for your well-known brand, competitors, affiliates, and even partners can take advantage of by running infringing paid search ads. Trademark abuse and partner violations are commonplace in paid search. Whether they are malicious or accidental, the mere existence of these ads result in lost site conversions, decreased margins, and damaged reputation for many brands.

According to the Q1 2015 report from BrandVerity®, this is costing typical brands tens of thousands of visitors per month. Home services brands like real estate, cleaning, and relocation, are the worst hit, losing 63,000 visitors each month on average.

CSC’s Paid Search Monitoring service offered in partnership with BrandVerity—the industry leader in detecting brand abuse—allows businesses to spot these infringements and take action. We automatically identify brand abuses—including unauthorized trademark bidding, affiliate hijacking, and malicious advertising.

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