The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is expected to unveil its extended range of top level domain names soon.

ICANN will allow for a huge range of top level domain names — including new suffixes that include brand names — to be run by third parties, potentially paving the way for a more clearly defined Internet.

“This massive expansion to the Internet’s domain name system will either make the Web more intuitive or create more cluttered, maddening experiences. No one knows yet,” wrote contributor Ian Shapira in the Washington Post.

The introduction of top level domains such as .eco, .love and .god has the potential to confuse internet users, Shapira wrote.

He claimed that some of these concerns will be addressed by the .nxt conference, which will be used as a forum to discuss ICANN’s complicated application guidelines in detail.

The .nxt conference kicks off tomorrow, Feb. 8, and runs until Thursday, Feb. 10.

Will top level domain name expansion cause confusion?
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