A Canadian clothing manufacturer believes a rival operator is guilty of trademark infringement, it has been reported.

According to Postmedia, Canada Goose Inc. is suing International Clothiers Inc. in the Federal Court for ripping off its brands.

The plaintiff claims the firm is deliberately misleading Canadians into purchasing low-quality ‘replicas’ of Canada Goose products.

It says International Clothiers Inc. is using confusingly similar patches and logos on its product designs, giving the impression that they have been manufactured by Canada Goose Inc.

The latter argues that its red, white and blue logo patch – and placement on the left arm of its jackets – forms a highly distinctive trademark.

And this is allegedly being violated by International Clothiers Inc’s Canada Weather Gear and Super Triple Goose products.

Canada Goose Inc. said complaints made to the rival manufacturer had had no effect, so the company had little choice but to resort to court action.

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