Some 60 per cent of office workers have fallen for phishing messages.

Research by PhishMe has highlighted the scale of the problem, as employees are receiving up to six emails every day.

Brand protection is a serious issue for organizations online and so individuals need to be aware of the potential reputational damage that could be caused if cyber criminals get their hands on confidential information.

Aaron Higbee, chief technical officer of PhishMe, told SC Magazine that some employees wrongly believe they are not important enough in a firm to be targeted.

“If the attacker’s main goal is to simply obtain access to an internal network, they won’t discriminate. Everyone is a potential target,” he added.

With methods becoming increasingly sophisticated – including scams based around social networking channels – employees need to make sure they are cautious when it comes to opening emails they think could be suspicious.

Workers ‘falling for #phishing emails’
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