World Wide Web turns 30 today

March 12, 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web (WWW), CSC takes a look at how the WWW has impacted our daily lives.

The WWW was not initially designed to support security, because it wasn’t intended to be the basis for so much business (the WWW was not originally built for use by the general public). But with the heavy reliance on online content for consumer consumption came cyber criminals who aim to disrupt eCommerce for political and personal gain. Domain name system (DNS) cache poisoning, domain hijacking, and email spoofing—as well as distributed denial of service attacks and phishing—are rampant. No brand is safe.

CSC explains the DNS look up system, and how brands can protect not only themselves, but the WWW at large.

Today, companies rely heavily on the internet to run their business—through websites advertising their products and services, and through email, telecommunications, customer chat services, and other network-based services—and security is essential.

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The World Wide Web turns 30 today; what does this mean?