A reality TV pop group has been forced to change its name following a complaint over duplication.

X Factor UK contestants Rhythmix – who have safely negotiated the first live shows of the 2011 season – need a new moniker after it was revealed the trademark is already owned by a children’s music charity.

Not-for-profit organisation Rhythmix wrote an open letter to X Factor UK producer Simon Cowell – a judge on the new US version of the show – asking him to change the name of the all-girl four-piece.

Mark Davyd, chief executive of Rhythmix, claimed that Cowell’s company Simco had applied to trademark the name, despite knowing it was already in use by the charity.

In the letter, posted on social networking website Facebook, he accused Cowell of avoiding discussion with Rhythmix over the choice of name for the contestants.

Mr. Davyd suggested that the moral implications of the firm’s actions had been overlooked altogether by attempting to trademark the name.

X Factor UK issued the following statement, “At the request of the charity Rhythmix, the members of the girl group Rhythmix have decided to change their name.

“The group’s new name will be announced in due course.”

X Factor UK ‘ignored charity’s trademark’
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