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Uncovering illegal and unauthorized online sales of your products

We help you find and stop online counterfeiters wherever they operate. Our Marketplace Monitoring and Anti-Counterfeiting solution combines professional expertise, cutting-edge technology, and analyst review to ensure data integrity before enforcement action begins. CSC's cost-effective Anti-Counterfeiting services have helped thousands of companies stay protected and prosperous online.

What CSC offers

CSC’s Marketplace Monitoring is customized to specifically address the needs of your organization. Using your specific criteria, we monitor for counterfeit, trademark and IP infringements, design right, and patent infringements. Our marketplace monitoring and resolution service includes:

  • Detection: We monitor for infringements every day across hundreds of marketplace sites, identifying, prioritizing, and categorizing infringements for resolution by our highly-experienced analysts.
  • Assessment: We combine automated and manual prioritization of results based on your criteria and business strategy. Coupled with our flexible workflow, this means we are highly accurate and efficient.
  • Reporting: Reporting of infringements using our state-of-the-art online portal, or via standard or tailor-made reporting to suit your existing workflows. It’s your choice. And the ROI and impact are clear.
  • Enforcement: Global, multilingual enforcement teams, renowned for their accuracy and compliance rates, represent your brand in the marketplace, leveraging our relationships for fast resolution of priority infringements. We have over a 90% compliance success rate on most sites.

Our Anti-Counterfeiting services: A three-step approach to counterfeit prevention Our experts in anti-counterfeiting will uncover illegal and unauthorized online sales, saving you time while helping protect your brand. We use a three-step approach to counterfeit prevention.

  • Reveal: We find and remove fake goods from online marketplaces. Our enforcement analysts are determined because every counterfeit sale is a risk to your brand. They contact questionable sellers and stay on the trail of unresponsive parties. Technology is crucial, too. Notices of copyright infringement are sent automatically to the online marketplaces through our portal.
  • Remove: We take fast action when your intellectual property is abused. As well as removing illegal listings or postings from online auctions and trade boards (B2B marketplaces), we take special note of sellers who are engaging in multiple markets or have the potential to shift high volumes of consumer goods.
  • Report: The digital space is vast and difficult to keep watch over. But we remove the burden of analyzing huge volumes of data, and summarize the results in easy-to-digest reports. We give you access to our online dashboard so you can immediately see suspicious listings, suspect sellers, and the status of enforcement against infringements. And we meet with you every month to examine trends and recommend future action.


CSC empowers brands to proactively find and mitigate the most important global threats. The powerful marketplace monitoring platform alerts us to threats to your brand, and our relationships with all the major marketplaces enable us to quickly address the proliferation of unauthorized offers.

CSC combines proven online brand protection expertise, proprietary technology, and best-of-breed data allows for rapid enforcement to take down illegal listings and postings.

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