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Protect your clients’ data from cyber criminals

Phishing could be considered the biggest threat to business security worldwide today. It remains an all-too-common vehicle for corporate data breaches, credit card fraud, and identity theft, with phishing scams getting more innovative and costly every year. Companies are left to wonder how to protect their clients from phishing attacks.

But you can defend yourself with phishing protection and monitoring. CSC® Digital Brand Services’ anti-phishing solutions mitigate—and even prevent—phishing attacks and online fraud. Our team works with you to tailor a solution that fits your security needs and reporting requirements.

CSC’s Anti-Phishing solution includes:

  • Powerful detection. Blended intelligence sources ensure we cast the widest possible net using spam traps and honey pots, fraud feeds from trusted third parties, and brand monitoring with image detection to uncover potential phishing websites.
  • Rapid global takedowns. When attacks occur, every minute counts in terms of damage limitation. Our Takedown Team ensures fraudulent websites are shut down as quickly as possible, with 59% of incidents shut down within four hours of identification—the fastest documented takedown times in the industry.
  • In-depth analysis. Our team of security and IP experts takes extra steps to carefully analyze each potential threat, verify relevance, and recommend the best response. Any high-risk incidents are routed to the appropriate stakeholder within your organization, along with a recommendation and/or mitigation strategy.
  • Intelligent management reporting. Interactive reporting with real-time snapshots of your biggest brand threats, along with actionable information for rapid response, gives you a baseline to track and audit program effectiveness. A detailed case history is a valuable asset if any incident results in arbitration or court proceedings.

Range of enforcement options

CSC Digital Brand Services anti phishing service offers a full range of detection and response solutions:

Expert advice. Smarter decisions.

Our Brand Advisory Team can help you assess your online risk and create an effective anti-phishing solution. Our combination of expert advice and intelligent reporting helps you:

  • Identify your biggest online threats and prepare for new, emerging threats
  • Customize a fraud-protection program that best fits your organization's risk profile
  • Develop a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of your anti-phishing and fraud-protection solution

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