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Brand monitoring across all digital channels

Keeping watch over your brand across a growing number of global digital channels is hard. And with the complexity of online threats increasing, online brand monitoring is more challenging than ever. Knowing how other parties are infringing on your brand, and taking action to enforce your rights is critical for maintaining your brand’s integrity.

That’s where CSC® Digital Brand Services comes in. We can help you develop a brand protection strategy that includes what to monitor and where. We can help you develop a strategic plan to identify what to monitor and provide online brand monitoring services customized to fit your business and brand.

Our NameProtect® brand monitoring software is the first unified platform of all brand monitoring services to integrate domain names, Internet content, trademark jurisdictions, and social media. We also provide comprehensive enforcement tools and services to help you enforce your brand rights. The NameProtect platform enables you to detect potential brand infringements, prioritize results, and take appropriate action against brand abuses.

Domain Name Monitoring—tracking new registrations.

We continually search for new domain name registrations that match your trademarks—including close matches and typosquattingand prioritize your results for fast analysis.

Internet Monitoring—the Internet is everywhere.

Our sophisticated web-crawling technology monitors the Internet and quickly identifies content abuse and logo abuse so you can take fast action to enforce your rights.

Trademark Watching—monitoring new trademarks.

We systematically uncover potential conflicts involving newly published trademark applications on a global basis.

Social Media Monitoring—socializing with the world.

We track all mentions of brands and trademarks across social media platforms, refreshing results every four hours.

Mobile App Monitoring—there’s an app for everything.

With a wide array of apps available, we monitor brands across the major app stores to make sure your customers aren’t falling for bogus apps.

Marketplace and Anti-Counterfeit Monitoring—find and remove illegal listings.

Uncover illegal and unauthorized online sales and halt online counterfeits of your brand.

Paid Search Monitoring—detect infringing ads.

Our Paid Search Monitoring service helps you find the ads that are costing you traffic and damaging your brand.

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