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Monitor your intellectual property in the mobile app world

The brand you’ve worked so hard to build is susceptible to infringement in the mobile app landscape, just as it is any other digital medium. There are millions of apps in the marketplace. Even if you don’t have an app for your brand, someone else might. Monitoring this growing field of interactive technology is time consuming and complex, but CSC has the technology, processes, and forensic skills in place to do it.

What CSC offers

CSC’s Mobile App Protection and Monitoring solution detects unlicensed use of your intellectual property in the various major app stores. Our industry-leading online monitoring platform also enables you to detect potential infringements, prioritize results, take appropriate action against abuses, and track changes via automated alerts and archive them for evidence building.

Mobile App Removal: When unauthorized apps appear in the marketplace, we use our extensive experience in IP protection to swiftly delist mobile apps in a cost-effective manner.


Our online monitoring platform is unrivalled in the industry, and allows our clients to eliminate the need for in-house tracking while providing ongoing oversight of the most popular mobile marketplaces. We deliver comprehensive results and a low false-positive rate through analyst review while enforcing your rights by delisting unauthorized mobile apps.

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