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Paid Search Monitoring

Detecting and reporting Adwords™ abuse that infringes on your brand

Customers search for your brand’s products and services online when they’re ready to make a purchase. However, with millions of paid search ads being created every day, partners, fraudsters, and competitors can run malicious ads using your brand’s name and associated terms, directing your customers away from your site. CSC’s Paid Search Monitoring service tracks and monitors Adwords abuse to protect the value of your brand.

What CSC offers

CSC detects and reports on unauthorized trademark bidding by affiliates, partners, and third parties, as well as affiliate hijacking ads that misrepresent and harm your brand through malicious advertising (e.g., phishing and malware).

Our malvertising protection and Paid Search Monitoring solution extends to over 35 countries and across key search engines such as Google®, Google Mobile™, Bing™, Bing Mobile™, Yahoo!®, AOL®, Baidu® and Sogou® in China, and Yandex® in the Russian Federation.


Paid Search Monitoring from CSC helps you find the ads that are costing you traffic and damaging your brand. Our solution allows you to monitor your choice of branded keywords and automatically receive alerts about infringements. Our services also give you the ability to directly contact affiliates to take action against third-party abuse.

Our customized search ad monitoring provides daily or weekly email alerts, based on your preference. Additionally, our integrated trademark takedown process protects against infringing advertisements, and we fully track the success rate, search engine feedback, and detailed responses through our customized enforcement process.

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