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Because the digital world changes so fast, the task of managing your brands online never stops. New opportunities and threats are emerging all the time, so online brand protection is a major, non-stop challenge for global companies.

Digital brand protection from the experts

It’s easier, more effective, and less costly to protect your brand with an expert partner by your side. A world leader in online brand protection, CSC® Digital Brand Services specializes in enhancing and securing the value of your intellectual property in this dynamic space. With over 1.8 million domains under management, we help nearly three quarters of the Best Global Brands (Interbrand®) make the most of the digital world.

  • Protection of your digital assets. Digital brand protection starts with securing your digital assets. We help you consolidate your domains alongside your social media usernames, SSL/TLS digital certificates, and DNS for easy and secure management. Once centralized, our CSCDomainManagerSM platform makes it easy to manage your portfolio and fits seamlessly into your corporate workflow. For your critical assets, we ensure you have the highest level of security in place, including two-factor authentication and multiple locks, to protect them from unauthorized changes and domain hacking.
  • Monitoring for threats. In the digital age, more channels give you more ways to reach your customers, but they also increase your risk. We can detect brand infringements and content misuse in a way that matches your areas of highest risk—managing and mitigating risk across a range of digital channels. CSC Digital Brand Services created NameProtect®—the first unified monitoring platform—that allows you to maintain and manage information all in one place.
  • Enforcing your rights. The battle against online infringements is fought across multiple fronts—from domain names to social networks to mobile app stores. Brand owners need an effective means of recovering web resources and removing infringing content without the expense and time required by judicial processes. That’s why CSC® Digital Brand Services offers the widest range of Online Brand Enforcement and Domain Name Acquisition services available today. Our success rate for recovering digital assets, removing infringing content, and enforcing takedowns is exceptional.

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Clients choose CSC for our first-class service, our global reach, and the value of our complimentary, expert advice. We're ranked #1 for service quality by Word Trademark Review.

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