Consolidate and secure your digital assets

Consolidate and secure your digital assets Optimize and promote your digital portfolio Monitor for threats and enforce your rights


Many organizations struggle to keep track of all the digital assets they own, making it harder to manage and protect them. Domain names, social media handles, SSL/TLS certificates, and DNS may be scattered around the world with no central oversight of this important digital IP.

CSC® Digital Brand Services helps you connect the dots for an integrated approach to protecting your digital footprint. Our Brand Advisory Team works with you and your core stakeholders to assess what assets you currently own, consolidate them into one central online location, and apply the appropriate levels of security.

With a consolidated view of your portfolio managed in a single application, you can save time, optimize your investment, and rest assured that your assets are safe and secure. We help you protect all your digital assets, from domain names and new gTLDs, to social media usernames, SSL/TLS certificates, and DNS.

We offer a complete suite of services to safeguard your digital assets against fraudsters and hackers. Our sophisticated multi-layer authentication options prevent unauthorized access to domain names, while our anti-phishing services secure the email channel and mitigate phishing attacks. We offer the latest digital certificates to protect web properties and customer data. And our DNS services protect your web properties against DDoS attacks.

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