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CSC Security Tool Kit

Cyber Crime Security Toolkit

Equip your employees and protect your company from cyber threats

Cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated by the day, and with each attack, there are two very important questions that need to be asked:

  1. Is your company protected?
  2. Do your employees know how to thwart criminal attempts?

A phishing attack could be considered the biggest threat to business security worldwide., but password protection and securing company assets are also concerns. Once a bad actor has one piece of the digital information puzzle, it’s easy to gather the rest into a comprehensive attack portfolio aimed at your company.

CSC® has developed some resources you can use to educate employees—your first line of defense—giving them insight into cyber security and the tools they need to recognize and avoid falling victim to an attack. With proper training, they can help protect your brand from the most prevalent data breaches occurring in today’s world.

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