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Cyber crime continues to rise around the globe, and companies are right to mitigate risk and protect their businesses online, yet it can be difficult to know where to begin. Many companies are unsure of what digital assets they have in their portfolio, who has access to them, and how everything from email accounts to social media usernames and mobile apps are being managed.

Getting a full picture of your assets is the key to proactively securing them, as well as employing the right solutions to reduce risk of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, domain hijacking, phishing, and more.

What we do


CSC employs a defined and proven methodology that can help reduce cyber threats. Our simple and cost-effective process includes four main steps: auditing, consolidating, securing, and maintaining compliance for all of your digital assets. As the most security focused corporate domain name manager and online brand protection provider, CSC will help you implement easy security measures that also comply with your bottom line.

cybersecurity cycle
  • Audit: CSC starts the cyber security process by getting a full picture of your digital assets, including domains, social media handles, mobile apps, secure sockets layer (SSL), and domain name system (DNS) so you can make informed decisions and proactively secure them.
  • Consolidate: Once we have a full overview of your digital assets, CSC helps you and your team consolidate them onto a single platform for streamlined management. Furthermore, we will identify critical domains that require advanced DNS to guarantee uptime and protect against DDoS attacks.
  • Secure: With a complete picture of your assets, CSC will help you evaluate the cyber security threats, ensure you have the highest security in place in your areas of greatest risk, and create a plan to manage compliance.
  • Compliance: To ensure strong cyber security, it is crucial that a business complies with industry standards and policies. CSC will assist your company in putting the right security measures in place to comply with the rules and regulations of the digital landscape.

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