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As cyber crime continues to rise around the globe, businesses are focusing more and more energy on how to stop the bad actors. But it can be difficult to know where to begin if you’re not sure what digital assets you possess in your portfolio, who has access to them, and how everything from email accounts to social media usernames to mobile apps are managed.

CSC® employs a defined and proven methodology that can help you reduce risk, through our process of auditing, consolidating, securing, and updating compliance for all of your digital assets. By getting a full picture of your assets, you can make an informed decision to proactively protect them, which will allow you to begin making data-driven decisions regarding security and compliance.

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As the most security focused domain name management provider, CSC will help you implement simple and cost-effective security measures. Our Brand Advisory Team offers “best of breed” solutions and proactive advice with a focus on security, realizing that all brands are different and offer tailored solutions for each client.

  • Audit: Start by getting a full picture of your digital assets, including domains, social media handles, mobile apps, SSL, and DNS so you can make informed decisions and proactively secure them.
  • Consolidate: Once you have a full overview of your digital assets, consolidate them onto a single platform for streamlined management. Identify critical domains that require advanced DNS to guarantee uptime and protect against DDoS attacks.
  • Secure: With a complete picture of your assets, you can then evaluate the threats, ensure you have the highest security in place in your areas of greatest risk, and create a plan to manage compliance.
  • Compliance: The path to strong security is all about complying with industry standards and policies. Having the right security measures in place will help your company comply with the rules and regulations of the digital landscape.

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