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DNS Services: Management, Hosting and Other Solutions

Enterprise-class DNS security services with a never-down guarantee

Your online presence is only as good as the infrastructure behind it. That's why the world's most valuable brands trust CSC for domain name system (DNS) services with a never-down guarantee.

Our DNS management services are provided through our partnership with Neustar®, which maintains the most robust DNS infrastructure, with over half a decade of uptime, having the capacity to handle billions of daily queries. Neustar provides DNS resolution services from 30 sites (points of presence) in North America, Europe, and Asia that keeps the internet up and running.

What CSC offers

CSC's enterprise DNS solutions provide secure and stable results that give your business peace of mind to confidently conduct online business around the world.

  • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Highly responsive DNS resolution
  • Superior fault tolerance and response times, as well as resilience to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and natural disasters through a globally-dispersed network
  • Over-provisioned bandwidth with unlimited scalability for DDoS attack prevention
  • Multi-layered DNS security measures and countermeasures that defend your resources against malicious attacks
  • Advanced features available, such as domain name system security extensions (DNSSEC), CNAME Flattening (ALIAS records), geo-location, weighted load balancing, and failover.
  • Seamless integration with CSCDomainManagerSM and CSC Security Center, allowing web access to your domain name portfolio, and automatic identification of business critical domains to monitor for security blind spots.
  • Knowledgeable, 24/7 customer support


Our Brand Advisory Team provides complimentary DNS analysis and advice, including a DNS audit that guides you through three crucial DNS management steps:

  • Identify
    which of your domains are mission critical and require 100% uptime

  • Assess
    security risk amongst all your current DNS providers and decide how to consolidate

  • Prepare
    for domain name analytics and centralized domain management

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