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Email authentication and fraud protection services to keep your brands safe

As phishing attacks become more sophisticated, the chances increase that your customers will receive bogus emails that appear to be sent by your brand. Email fraud is a risk that’s complex for security teams to protect against.

Email Fraud Protection provides your security teams with the tools they need to tackle email fraud head-on—helping to identify attacks further upstream, sometimes even before they reach your customers’ inboxes, to take down known phishing sites, and prosecute fraudsters. CSC® Digital Brand Services offers this protection in partnership with Return Path, which maintains the largest threat intelligence network in the industry.

Email Fraud Protection technology

Authentication technology enables you to confirm a sender’s identity, increasing the chances of legitimate email getting through while spoofed messages are filtered out.

CSC Digital Brand Services helps security teams identify and stop potentially suspicious email traffic as well as any legitimate email traffic that may be failing email authentication. By placing email domains that are properly authenticating on the Return Path registry, our email authentication service proactively blocks spam, phishing, and spoofing attacks, enforcing email-blocking policies with major mailbox providers all over the world.

CSC’s email authentication and fraud protection offers you:

  • Monitoring of outbound mail streams
  • Proactive blocking of phishing and spoofing attacks
  • Faster takedown of malicious sites with forensic threat intelligence data
  • Real-time threat intelligence alerts
  • Multi-layer defense strategy covering both direct domain and unaffiliated domain threats

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