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Providing a safe, encrypted environment for all your online transactions

Your customers around the world deserve the most stringent security measures whenever they shop, bank, or communicate online. That’s why more and more companies are depending on secure sockets layer (SSL) digital certificates—also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS)—to protect their customer’s information. These digital certificates encrypt internet data traffic and verify the owner of a domain name for security purposes, ensuring all data exchanged stays private. Internet users notice them through the tell-tale green padlock or HTTPS in the browser window.

What CSC offers

Our TrustedSecure® family of SSL/TLS certificates provide a safe, encrypted environment for all your online transaction business. With CSC as your SSL certificate provider, you will experience:

  • Improved compatibility All of our digital certificates have 99.9% browser compatibility.
  • More choices. SSL certificates range from rapid issue and unified communications (UCC)/subject alternative names (SAN) certificates to standard and extended validation (EV) certificates, all provided by top SSL certificate authorities and providers.
  • Easier digital certificate management. Our web-based SSL certificate management tool enables easy management of any number of digital certificates.
  • First-rate security. All of our certificates come with the highest-available levels of encryption.
  • Renewal reminders. We send you timely reminders whenever your renewals are due.
  • Unlimited support. We provide 24/7 customer support


Our Brand Advisory Team provides a complimentary audit and strategic advice that helps you manage your SSL/TLS portfolio, including:

  • Identifying where your existing certificates are registered and how much they are costing you.
  • Consolidating your SSL certificates so registration, renewal, and verification can all be managed from one platform.
  • Developing a policy as you would for domain names or social media accounts, so you can efficiently manage your standard SSL certificates.

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