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Please refer to the sections below to generate and issue your Trusted Secure certificates:

  • Generate your certificate signing request (CSR)
  • Install your certificate
  • FAQ


Identifying the 'Root' and 'Intermediate' Certificates

Throughout the installation documentation, certificates are referred to as the root and intermediate certificate.

You will receive four certificates from CSC, which can be identified as follows:

  • Intermediate certificates: TrustedSecureCertificateAuthority5.ccc and USERTrustRSAAddTrustCA.ccc
  • Site certificate (i.e., the certificate you requested): .crt
  • Root certificates: Entrust Secure Server CA or AddTrust External CA Root, depending on when your certificate was issued

For further assistance, please contact your dedicated account manager, or our 24/7 Global Support.


Generating a certificate signing request (CSR)

The first step in issuing your SSL certificate is to generate a certificate signing request (CSR). CSR generation is wholly dependent on the software you use on your webserver. Select your webserver software from the list after reading the following general information.

Before creating your CSR:

  • The Common Name (CN) field should be the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or the web address for which you plan to use your certificate, i.e., the area of your site you wish customers to connect to using SSL.
    • For example, an SSL certificate issued for will not be valid for If the web address to be used for SSL is, ensure that the common name submitted in the CSR is
  • SSL certificates are compatible with almost all popular webserver software. If your webserver software does not appear on the list, please contact your CSC client service partner or select “Other.”

Server software – Generating a CSR


Certificate Installation

The final part of your SSL application is the installation of your certificate, which will differ dependent upon your webserver software. Select your webserver software from the list after reading the following general information.

Before installing your certificate:

  • When you are emailed your SSL certificate, two other certificates will also be attached to the email. These are known as intermediate certificates, and are required so that browsers know to trust your SSL certificate.
  • SSL certificates are compatible with almost all webserver software.

Server software – Certificate Installation



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