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Protecting your digital brand and driving more traffic

Your domain names and social media handles are the foundation of your digital presence. Managing these assets effectively protects your customer communications and can also drive increased traffic to your web properties.

At CSC® Digital Brand Services, we know that digital marketing is essential to business success. We can help you optimize your digital portfolio to capture more traffic, and guard your online brand against cyberattacks and reputational damage.

A comprehensive digital brand audit

CSC helps protect the brands of nearly three quarters of the Best Global Brands (Interbrand®). Our combination of secure technology, tailored advice, and first-class service can help you promote and protect your digital assets—including domain names, social media handles, and mobile applications.

  • How many domain names and social handles does your company own, and how are they managed? CSC’s advisors work with you to consolidate and optimize your domain name portfolio and other digital assets—making sure they are maximizing traffic to your core sites. Our advisors also help you identify gaps in your portfolio, suggest domains that can be safely lapsed to free-up budget, and ensure you are making the most of new gTLDs.
  • Are your web properties and customer data protected? CSC offers the highest levels of security to protect your digital assets from unauthorized access and safeguard your web traffic. And our SSL digital certificates provide a safe, encrypted environment for all your online transactional business—so your online customers benefit from the most stringent security measures, while your Google rankings are enhanced.
  • Is traffic being diverted from your brand either by counterfeiters, fraudsters or even resellers? CSC helps you identify cases of lost traffic and revenue due to fraudulent sites, counterfeit products, and infringing advertisements. Our Takedown Team ensures fraudulent websites are shut down as quickly as possible. And we are well-versed in navigating the complexities of content removal.
  • Do you know where your brands are being misused online? CSC can identify, track, and consolidate all mentions of your brands on social media so that you always have a firm handle on what people are saying about your brand, and even your competitors. We also monitor your brands and logos on websites, mobile apps stores, and online marketplaces to help combat issues such as trademark infringement, logo abuse, false affiliation, and counterfeit goods that can damage and dilute your brands.

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