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Understanding how to secure a domain name from a third party

In order to acquire a domain name legitimately owned by a third party, it’s important to do your research ahead of time and have a partner who can negotiate on your behalf. Our Domain Name Acquisition Team can help by researching and understanding the value of a domain before taking action.

We start by performing a digital asset investigation (DAI) to generate strategic recommendations for our customers. This case assessment is be broken up into three specific steps, to ensure that the domain name you are pursuing is valuable and, in fact, owned by a third party willing to part with it.

What CSC offers

Determining who owns the domain name:

Understanding who owns the domain, why they registered the domain, and when it was registered may preempt some of the challenges typically faced during the procurement process. Our team can uncover the date the domain was registered, as well as the historical usage and registration history, to understand if the domain is legitimate or being used by a bad actor.

Value assessment:

Appraising the value of a domain you’re interested in acquiring is the best way to understand how we can negotiate a fair price for you. We evaluate the desired domain name against the market, considering a number of domain specific details. However, appraising the domain is only half of the story. We also investigate the value of the domain name to your business and the impact of not being able to secure the domain. We also consider the environment surrounding the domain name, the role the domain name will play in the journey of your customer, and if the domain term is already popular or if it is associated with undesirable content.

Strategy and budget assessment:

Once all the factors have been determined, it’s time to go to the negotiating table, based on your budget and interest. Our team will be by your side through the process and make recommendations during the negotiation.


As the most security focused world leader in corporate domain management, registration, and strategy, CSC offers our clients live-person, 24/7, worldwide support, an industry leading management platform, a brand advisory team for complimentary advice, and superior levels of security that will help you implement easy security measures that also comply with your bottom line.

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