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Securing domain names from third parties

As the internet landscape continues to expand, a large number of acronyms, dictionary terms, and phrases are being turned into domain names. This poses a real challenge for brands and businesses around the world to ensure they have the domain names they require.

If you are considering a domain name that is legitimately owned by a third party, CSC offers one of the world’s only Domain Name Acquisition services that can negotiate the sale on your behalf and help you acquire it at the best possible price. We have experience with thousands of domain name acquisitions, including very high-profile domains now used as primary websites, and have patented our approach.

What CSC offers

Hiring a domain broker

Because the domain name market is a challenging place to do business, with nearly 300 million domain names registered across more than 800 top level domains around the globe, it’s important to hire a broker to negotiate on your behalf. Our Domain Name Acquisition Team will determine the legitimate domain registrants from the fakes, infringers, and speculators.

Determining the right approach

Our team starts by determining who owns the domain name, and the legitimacy of that ownership. Understanding the nuances of the different types of domain owner enables CSC brokers and analysts to take a negotiation from an arbitrary discussion to an informed investment decision. A large part of that insight comes from the digital asset investigation (DAI) we undertake before contacting the domain owner.

Researching and strategizing

Conducting a DAI gives CSC the informational advantage to determine a value assessment based on a number of factors, including timing to your business. Our experience and relationships across the market enable us to quickly identify relevant parties and offer strategic recommendations to brand owners, including budget guidance, expectations, and provide alternative solutions when necessary.

Closing the deal

Our brokers and analysts work as CSC representatives to negotiate a domain purchase, but never disclose the identity of the brand owner/purchaser. Unlike many of our competitors, CSC offers a seamless end-to-end solution that handles all aspects of the transaction and safely adds your new digital asset to your CSC portfolio.


As the most security focused world leader in corporate domain management, registration, and strategy, CSC offers our clients live-person, 24/7, worldwide support, an industry leading management platform, a brand advisory team for complimentary advice, and superior levels of security that will help you implement easy security measures that also comply with your bottom line.

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