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CSC Dot Brand Insights Report

October 2019

In our October 2019 Dot Brand Insights Report, our experts look at the increase in the number of activated .BRANDs—meaning .BRANDs that have registered five or more domain names within their branded domain.

Companies can create the level of security they want within their .BRAND ecosystem, building trust with their audience, including ensuring every .BRAND site employs DNSSEC, digital certificates, and DMARC. Inside, we share what six .BRANDs have to say about their domains, and what they use their .BRANDs to communicate to employees and the world.

In this time of economic change, we also explore how a .BRAND can help companies overcome challenges from an evolving regulatory landscape, a tightening labor market, and disruptions from technology and social media.

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CSC Dot Brand Insights Report

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