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Web Content Removal (DMCA Takedowns)

Removing infringing content that threatens your brand

Any unauthorized online content can damage your brand. So it’s important to be able to remove infringing content without costly and time-consuming legal processes. Content removal is not as easy as just contacting the site where your brand information is improperly listed. That’s why CSC® Digital Brand Services works hard to provide you web content removal services that help you protect your intellectual property across the Internet.

Content takedown

When potential infringements are detected, our enforcement experts can advise on the appropriate course of action. And when your intellectual property is abused, we act fast. The types of enforcements we can assist with include:

Internet content: Removing infringing material

  • Platform content takedown. We work with online service providers such as Google®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, Yahoo!®, eBay®, and more, to remove infringing content.
  • Trademark infringement. We work with channels that include ISPs, registrars, hosting companies, and law enforcement to carry out removal or website takedown of content that infringes on trademarks.
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) infringements. We work with multiple channels to carry out removal or website takedown of content that infringes on copyrights, with DMCA takedown notices.

Social media: Removing infringing content and usernames

  • Content takedown. Following the specific platform’s complaint procedure, we seek to remove offensive content.
  • Username takedown. Again, following the specific platform’s complaint procedure, we seek to reclaim usernames, or have them suspended.

Online auctions: Removing listings

  • Auction/marketplace delisting. Following the report procedure or removal policies of specific platforms, we help to remove listings from auctions and marketplace websites. This service is offered in conjunction with our Marketplace Monitoring services.

Mobile apps: Removing infringing apps

  • Application removal. We follow the complaint procedure of the relevant platform to help remove mobile applications.

Expert advice. Smarter decisions.

Our global team members have extensive experience in the IP and digital world, and many hold law degrees. With our knowledge of local procedures and protocols across many jurisdictions, we always handle your cases efficiently and cost-effectively. We’ll make sure your brand is protected in the digital space.

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