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Industry-leading phishing takedown times

Phishing remains an all-too-common vehicle for credit card fraud and identity theft. When an attack hits, every minute counts, so if a brand waits until an attack hits to consider how to take down a phishing website, it’s too late. Early detection and moving quickly to get the website taken down are key to limiting the damage.

What CSC offers

Our Anti-Phishing service uses robust fraud detection capabilities and the industry’s fastest documented phishing website takedown times. We leverage our extensive experience and international network of contacts in the legal, government, and Internet service provider communities to quickly take down infringing websites and help you minimize the damage caused by phishing attacks.

Once detected, phishing incidents are immediately triaged, automatically scored in our portal, and then reviewed by intelligence analysts who prioritize results based on your policy. Incidents are dispatched via our flexible notification system, along with a recommendation for action.


Our phishing takedown and response services include:

  • Website takedowns. We leverage our extensive international network to shut down 59% of incidents within four hours of identification.
  • Forensics. We work with you to perform post-mortem forensics and data recovery where applicable.
  • Intellectual Property Rights enforcement. Our in-house IP Enforcement Team can take action to recover domains.
  • Brand abuse/content removal. We can work with social networks, search engines and online marketplaces to remove infringing, abusive, or fraudulent content.
  • After-action monitoring. We continue to monitor fraudulent sites after takedown to ensure they don’t reactivate. If a site reactivates, we’ll take it down again at no cost.

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