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Solutions for Financial and Insurance Institutions

Protecting the financial sector from phishing and fraud

Financial institutions continue to be the number one target of phishing and cyberattacks, and these attacks are constantly evolving. To safeguard revenue, reputation and consumer trust, financial institutions need a comprehensive and connected approach to brand protection.

Online threats financial and insurance companies need to be aware of:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Hacktivists
  • Security breaches and identity theft
  • Cybersquatting
  • Reputation damage
  • Trademark infringements
  • Fraudulent mobile apps
  • DDoS attacks

Developing a comprehensive digital brand strategy

Protecting your brand online requires a strong digital brand strategy that connects legal, IT, and marketing teams. CSC works with you to consolidate and secure your digital assets, so you can manage them effectively, while optimizing your portfolio to support your marketing efforts. We help your legal team monitor your brand for threats across the digital channels, and take action against serious infringements.

Our services

CSC® Digital Brand Services works with many leading financial and insurance organizations, and offers:

  • Robust security to protect your valuable digital assets. CSC’s strategic advisors work with you to consolidate and optimize your portfolio of domain names and other digital assets, ensuring the highest level of control and security. For your critical domains, we offer two-factor authentication and multiple locks to protect them from unauthorized changes.
  • Comprehensive phishing and email fraud protection. Our anti-phishing solutions mitigate—and even prevent—phishing attacks and online fraud. We partner with Return Path to monitor email for fraudulent activity, and prevent many phishing attacks from ever even reaching inboxes. And because every minute counts, our in-house teams detect and take down fraudulent websites as quickly as possible.
  • Consistent monitoring of your brand across digital channels. CSC helps you identify cases of brand abuse, trademark infringement, and lost revenue across the web, including search engines, mobile app stores, and online marketplaces. We can also identify, track and consolidate all social media mentions of your brands and trademarks.
  • Full spectrum of enforcement services. We offer the widest range of online brand enforcement services available today. Our success rate for recovering digital assets, removing infringing content, and enforcing takedowns is exceptional.

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