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Securing your business against cyber threats

Keeping your company’s network up and secure 24/7 is a key focus for any IT department. CSC® Digital Brand Services provides solutions that can keep your organization safe from cybercrime—such as DDoS attacks, hacks, and phishing attacks—protect your digital assets, and keep your digital certificates up to date. Because lost productivity and downtime aren’t an option.

Developing a comprehensive digital security strategy

IT teams at nearly three quarters of the Best Global Brands (Interbrand®) rely on CSC to help protect their brands. We’ll help you put protocols in place that protect the integrity of your business 24/7 using our combination of secure technology, tailored advice, and first-class service.

  • Do you know how many domain names you own? And can you manage them, alongside your SSL certificates and DNS, in one portal? CSC’s strategic advisors work with you to consolidate, secure, and optimize your domain name portfolio and other digital assets, putting you in full control. Our CSCDomainManagerSM platform streamlines the workflow between domains, DNS, and digital certificates —with easy administration and renewal of your SSLs so you never drop a certificate.
  • Can you protect your critical domains against cybercrime? CSC offers two-factor authentication and multiple locks to protect your core domain names from unauthorized changes and domain hijacking. Our MultiLock service combines registry and registrar-level locks with three-party manual authorization, to provide the highest level of security for high-value domains.
  • Is your DNS infrastructure adequate for your business needs? CSC’s partnership with Neustar® provides the most robust DNS services infrastructure on the planet to protect the core of your digital brand against DDoS attacks, DNS Cache Poisoning and Malware. Neustar handles billions of queries daily and has the capacity and advanced features to ensure highly-responsive DNS resolution. Our partnership provides you unmatched, guaranteed 100% uptime.
  • Are you protected against phishing scams and email fraud? Our anti-phishing solutions mitigate—and even prevent—phishing attacks and email fraud. Our team works with you to tailor a solution that fits your security needs and reporting requirements. With robust authentication, monitoring, and detection capabilities, as well as the industry's fastest-documented takedown times, our solutions help you minimize risk.

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