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Protecting your company’s brands, trademarks, and digital assets

In a changing and complex digital landscape, you need a partner who understands your brands. Hundreds of domain extensions, social media platforms, and apps put your brand at risk every day with the potential of infringements and cybercrime.

Because you can’t police everything yourself, CSC® Digital Brand Services can help you protect your digital assets, and create a brand protection strategy that shows you what to watch, and when to enforce your rights.

Developing a comprehensive digital IP strategy

Legal teams at nearly three quarters of the Best Global Brands (Interbrand®) rely on CSC to help protect their brands and intellectual property. Our combination of secure technology, tailored advice, and first-class service help you get a full picture of your digital assets—including domain names, social media handles, and mobile applications—while protecting your brand in the growing digital marketplace.

  • Are your digital assets secure and managed in a central location? CSC’s strategic advisors work with you to consolidate and optimize your domain name portfolio and other digital assets, ensuring the highest level of control and security. Because, before you can identify infringements, you need to make sure your assets are in order. Once consolidated, our comprehensive portfolio management platform allows you to manage all of your assets in one place, align your workflows, and easily meet the reporting needs of you and your stakeholders.
  • Can you quickly identify infringements across your digital channels? We work with you to monitor your brand across the Internet, social media, app stores, and online marketplaces. Our NameProtect® platform helps you detect issues such as trademark infringement, logo abuse, false affiliation, and counterfeit goods. And our team of analysts help you rapidly prioritize results so you can focus on what actions to take.
  • Do you have the ability to quickly take down a website anywhere in the world? Wherever an infringement takes place, we have the local knowledge, legal, and language skills to intervene quickly. Our global, in-house Enforcement Team analyzes and prioritizes infringements and works closely with you to recover domain names, remove infringing content, or take down fraudulent websites.
  • Can you produce asset reports quickly, and speak to ROI? CSC’s digital optimization methodology ensures you can measure the effectiveness of your domain portfolio and allocate your budget in the smartest way—and our Monitoring and Enforcement Team works with you to ensure you can report on the effectiveness of your brand protection investment.

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