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Protecting your brands means managing risk across all digital channels—from domain names, to social networks, to mobile app stores. The depth and breadth of the digital world make it hard for brand owners to police everything themselves. That’s why CSC’s® monitoring and enforcement solutions detect, prioritize, and deal with high-impact security threats, brand infringements, and content abuse across the digital spectrum.

With CSC’s monitoring platform, we have created the first application that enables brand owners to manage all of their brand monitoring in one place, combining domain names, internet content, trademark jurisdictions, and social media mentions. Our team of analysts work with you to help you quickly assess risks, identify the highest priority infringements, and decide when to take enforcement action.

CSC offers the widest range of online brand enforcement and domain name acquisition services available today. Our in-house Enforcement Team has exceptional success rates in recovering domain names and social media usernames, and removing infringing content without the expense and time of judicial processes. Our Takedown Team has the industry’s fastest documented phishing takedown times, thanks to their in-depth technical expertise and international network of contacts in the legal, government, and Internet service provider communities.

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