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Protecting your brands in the expanding digital universe

Over 1,300 new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are being added to the digital marketplace over the next few years. Domain extensions like .online, .bank, .tech, and .sucks will have an effect on your brand. To make the most of this vastly expanding space of brandable domains, you need a partner you can depend on to optimize the opportunities and mitigate the risks that come with new domain extensions.

CSC® is a registrar for the ICANN New gTLD Program. We help you identify which domains you should register, provide new gTLD registration, and help you safeguard your brands in a transformed online world. In fact, we’ve already been the partner chosen for 1/3 of .brand applications. Thanks to our unparalleled corporate domain name experience and deep expertise in online brand protection, CSC Digital Brand Services is the ideal partner to help you succeed.

CSC Digital Brand Services offers:

  • Dot Brand services As the largest provider of .brand domain registrar and advisory services, we can assist with technical implementation, naming strategies, deployment plans, and data analysis related to launching and maintaining your new .brand asset.
  • Trademark Clearinghouse Registration (TMCH) services. We offer expert guidance to help you identify which trademarks you should file, as well as validation of trademark data (directly from ICANN) related to the New gTLD Program. Our process includes analyzing your trademark portfolio, compiling the required data, managing associated documents and Signed Mark Data files, alerting you to upcoming Sunrise phases, and conducting filings on your behalf with TMCH and subsequent new gTLD registries.
  • Domain Protected Marks List (DPML) blocking service. Being an accredited registrar of Donuts, Rightside, and Minds + Machines means CSC Digital Brand Services can register your trademarks with DPML programs. You get all the safeguards of this blocking service with no effort on your part.

Expert advice. Smarter decisions.

Our Brand Advisory Team will help you create an effective new gTLD strategy to achieve digital optimization in the new Internet landscape. Included in our four-point process, we:

  • Develop a process for determining which trademarks you want to file with the Trademark Clearinghouse Registration (TMCH) services.
  • Analyze and narrow the field of potential new generic top level domains that will have the greatest impact on your business—good and bad.
  • Identify branded strings and generic terms in the new gTLDs to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.
  • Advise you on how best to consolidate, manage, and optimize your digital portfolio.

We offer a tailored approach built on proven methodology to keep you focused on what matters, make sure you never miss a launch, and help you derive real value from your domain portfolio.

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