Issue 9: Online Security Threats


In this issue:The Brand Bulletin issue 9, "Out to Get You: How to deal with the growing threat to your brands online.

No, you’re not paranoid. They are out to get you. Phishing and DNS attacks claim more victims every year, defrauding customers and damaging brands. The good news is that as online threats escalate and become more sophisticated, so do the techniques for fighting back.

It’s an inconvenient fact of digital life that every time online channels make things easier for businesses and consumers, along come fraudsters and criminals to make life harder again. And today’s threats are far subtler than malicious email attachments or invitations to claim your share of a non-existent “fortune.” Increasingly, criminals seek to gather login credentials or personal details while masquerading as legitimate brands. Phishing scams and DNS attacks, the most common and damaging techniques, are constantly growing in scale, technical sophistication, and ingenuity

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