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Coming into focus: New gTLD benchmarks for brands

Coming into focus: New gTLD benchmarks for brands

After two years of rollouts, the new generic Top Level Domain landscape—and how the world’s best brands are navigating it—is coming into focus. Two of CSC’s top experts—Director of Global Brand Advisers, Vincent D’Angelo, and Director of Policy and Industry Affairs, Gretchen Olive—investigated the latest trends in the world of new gTLDs and benchmarked how the Best Global 100 Brands (Interbrand) are participating in the program.

Their recent article, “Coming into focus: New gTLD benchmarks for brands,” in World Trademark Review*, provides brand owners with a better understanding of:

  • Domain registration benchmarks
  • The effectiveness (or lack thereof) regarding blocking programs and TMCH’s role in the equation
  • How security is still the most important aspect to keep in mind in the digital marketplace

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* This article first appeared in World Trademark Review issue 61, published by Globe Business Media Group - IP Division.

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