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Get a handle on what people are saying about your brand

Millions are talking. Our Social Media Monitoring helps you track what they’re saying. This fast-growing virtual-communication realm is exploding with information about your brand. CSC® Digital Brand Services Social Media Monitoring identifies, tracks, and consolidates all social media mentions of your brands and trademarks.

CSC can also help you proactively register social media usernames and manage all your social media assets in one place. With your credentials secured and centralized, you can be sure your social presence is protected. And when infringing content or usernames are detected, CSC’s online Enforcement Team is there to help you enforce your rights.

  • Social Media Username Registration and portfolio management. This subscription service offers you an effective, worry-free way to register and maintain vanity URLs on key social media sites, as well as new and emerging ones. CSC's web-based portfolio management platform provides a central and secure database for all of your social media account registration information alongside your domain names and other digital assets.
  • Social Media Brand Monitoring. This powerful service helps you discover what consumers are saying about your brands. Social Media Monitoring is a subscription-based service that provides focused, detailed reporting on all social media mentions of your brands and trademarks—from online posts, to blogs, tweets, articles, and other social media mentions. Data is refreshed every four hours, every day, or every week, according to your needs. Built on CSC’s unified monitoring platform, NameProtect®, our Social Media Monitoring platform includes such features as sentiment analysis (both positive and negative), results consolidated by author, and the ability to query against the depth and breadth of results.
  • Social media abuse. Our Enforcement Team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of content removal, which varies from platform to platform, but is available across many of the bigger social media networks. The lack of a governing board or organization overseeing ownership means that each social media outlet has specific terms of service that must be followed when registering or attempting to recover handles. Social media site guidelines tend to be geared towards consumers, but when you encounter brand abuse or trademark infringement on social media sites, our Enforcement Team can often help you take defensive action.

Expert advice. Smarter decisions.

Our Brand Advisory Team provides complimentary advice and analysis to ensure that your brand and intellectual property are protected in the social media channel. We:

  • Develop a username registration strategy, including recommendations for future-proofing usernames
  • Centralize and safeguard the management of your social media usernames
  • Formulate a social brand monitoring program
  • Create a framework for mitigating different types of brand abuse detected on social media

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