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Testimonial - Bonnier Business Media


Bonnier Business Media is a media group working in TV, daily newspapers, business and trade press, magazines, film, books and digital media. With a base in the Nordic region and a substantial presence in the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and Eastern Europe among other places, Bonnier has 350 brands, operations in 14 countries around the world, and over 8,000 employees.


CSC helps Bonnier with its online presence, security, and branding. “Threats are increasing as people consume more media online, so when we were looking at partners to work with our business, reputation and experience were key,” says Terry Potter, Bonnier’s CTO.


CSC and Bonnier Media have developed a smooth working relationship. “Our experience with CSC’s service and support has been high. Even if we have questions we need to go back with, we get a timely response and our questions are addressed in an effective manner.” Engaging CSC Digital Brand Services allows Bonnier Media to “save time and allows us to focus on business challenges rather than areas that just need to work.”


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