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Keeping pace with an evolving industry

We believe that your trademark monitoring and trademark search provider should keep pace with the major changes taking place in the industry and the broader online landscape. That’s the only way to ensure that your research results are always relevant and aligned with your domain strategy.

CSC® Digital Brand Services was the first trademark service provider capable of searching the entire Internet, and we continue to extend our capabilities to exceed our clients’ trademark needs. All of our searches feature complete and current data retrieved directly from official trademark offices.

Trademark Monitoring Services

CSC’s Trademark Monitoring service allows you to watch newly published trademark applications around the globe to uncover potential conflicts.

Our NameProtect® trademark watch service is the first unified monitoring platform that includes modules to monitor trademark jurisdictions, alongside domain names and Internet content.

CSC Digital Brand Services offers:

  • Weekly, worldwide reporting. CSC screens the gazettes of more than 170 jurisdictions so that newly published marks are delivered in a timely manner to help you make the right business decisions.
  • Prioritized results. We offer the only trademark monitoring service, including design watching capabilities, where results are reviewed for relevance and prioritized by experienced trademark research analysts.
  • Detection and alerts. NameProtect enables you to detect potential infringements, prioritize results, and take appropriate action against abuses. It also tracks changes in specific jurisdictions via automated alerts, and archives them for evidence building.
  • Status tracking and notifications. Track deadlines to oppose a trademark registration.

Trademark Search Services

The first provider offering you search across the entire Internet, CSC continues to expand our capabilities to exceed your trademark tracking needs. All of our trademark searches are from official sources, and retrieve complete, current data.

Read and download the newest Trademark Insider for tips on how to take action against trademark infringers.

CSC Digital Brand Trademark Search Services offers:

  • Fast screening. ActiveIP® is CSC’s online trademark screening and review platform that allows you to efficiently screen numerous naming possibilities. Within a single, dynamic platform, ActiveIP integrates trademark data, enables collaboration, and allows users to generate custom reports.
  • Full international search and comprehensive Internet coverage. In addition to covering federal, state, common law, and domain names, as well as Canadian research services, CSC offers a full suite of individual country and geographic packages to meet your international search needs. Our analysts utilize proprietary technology to integrate a diverse range of Internet content into your trademark research reports.
  • Comprehensive Plus Search. This service provides enhanced features and functions in both the print and online editions of your trademark research report.

Expert advice. Smarter decisions.

Our Brand Advisory Team helps you formulate your trademark monitoring strategy and align it with your domain strategy.

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