Verisign DDoS Trends Report

Verisign® Distributed Denial of Service Trends Report

Verisign®, proud partner of CSC®, recently compiled a unique view into the digital attack trends unfolding online in 2018. The network infrastructure company that manages two of the internet’s 13 root servers looked closely at attack statistics, behavioral trends, and future outlook.

In Q1 2018, Verisign observed that 58% of mitigated DDoS attacks employed multiple attack types. This included a 53% increase in the number of attacks, as well as a 47% increase in the attack peak sizes, when compared to Q4 2017; however, the attack peak sizes have decreased by 21%, year over year.

The Verisign Distributed Denial of Service Trends Report contains observations and insights derived from these attacks, which have been mitigated on behalf of, and in cooperation with, customers of Verisign DDoS Protection Services, and the security research of Verisign iDefense® Security Intelligence Services.

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