Too many companies aren’t yet doing enough to protect their brand and their customers from cyber attacks. From phishing, to distributed denial of service attacks, and even domain name system spoofing, cyber attacks increase in creativity and severity each year.

Reputation and revenue loss seem like the least of it when companies factor in the millions it takes to rectify the situation. But it’s a lot easier and much more affordable to get secure than most think—and certainly more affordable than cleaning up a data breach.

Scott Plichta, our chief information security officer at CSC®, gave us the inside scoop on the three most detrimental cyber attacks facing companies right now—and how to stop them.

In an interview-style piece, Scott reveals:

  • The three major actors in cyber security threats
  • Four simple solutions with huge returns
  • His exclusive advice for what companies can do to stop cyber attacks in their tracks

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Cyber Attacks: Stopping the Threats
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