The first 60 days of the new year saw 36 mainstream cyber attacks committed against government, public, and private sector businesses around the world, and there’s no sign of it relenting. The list of cyber attacks is endless.

Essentials for Cyber SecurityIt takes a team of professionals within your organization—including IT, legal, and marketing—to help your company reduce risk and quickly recover when—not if—your company is attacked.

Being hit by a phishing or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, having passwords stolen, and confidential data downloaded, or the entire network compromised, could cost you your job. Are you able to sleep at night knowing you’ve done all you can to secure your company against cyber attacks?

As legal counsel, you should know about cyber security and the legal ramifications of cyber attacks against your company. And as legal departments are often responsible for registering and managing domain names and social usernames, your expertise is needed to help prevent attacks before they happen.

Whether your company’s online presence is informational or is used for eCommerce, facing a DDoS attack or hack can cost your business not just millions of dollars, but also, your brand reputation. You should know what to do about cyber crime now before it affects your company’s bottom line in more ways than one.

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Is your company secure against cyber attacks?
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